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SubjectRe: Dumbest fucking thing I've seen Nintendo do. Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on02/14/11 10:24 PM

I would say the wii is probably the dumbest thing nintendo every did. Who the fuck makes a game console that is dated when it is brand new. I miss SNES and N64 back when they were impressive. Other than the two weeks of every wii owner... the wii is another brick that collects dust. I probably play my original nintendo as much as I play my wii (which doesn't say much)

> I'm playing Donkey Kong Country Returns, it's a pretty fun game but they have a
> Time Attack mode for each stage. These time attack stages begin with a 3-2-1
> countdown and have half-way points so if you die you can continue from the
> half-way point; if you die before the half-way point they will start you from
> the beginning but they will dock you a number of seconds depending on how far
> you were when you died.
> Uhh, WHAT!? Instead of just starting you off fresh, they dock you seconds. I've
> seen up to 30 seconds on my clock starting from the beginning. To start with no
> time you just have to hit + and select "Retry" from the menu and the stage
> reloads and you're good to go. This is really fucking annoying if you have to
> retry often, I just don't understand WTF they were thinking; is some dumbass
> going to actually let them tack on extra time in A TIME ATTACK MODE!@#?

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