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SubjectRe: I like my Wii... Reply to this message
Posted byParatech
Posted on02/15/11 10:45 AM

> The problem I have is essentially flash games have just about as much substance
> as any wii game. Also any cross platform game is horrible in comparison to its
> 360/ps3 equivalent.

I don't buy Wii games for games that are on the 360/PS3. I like the games that are exclusive to the Wii. I have a number of Wii games that are fun, the Neo Geo games, the Data East Collection, and a bunch of Nintendo games like New Super Mario Bros.

I recently played NBA Jam on it just to see if it was as
> good as the old ones I remembered... and, well... after throwing my hand up into
> the air and flipping my wrist for the 50th time... it got really old. I just
> think it has lost it's glorious wonder now that kinect/move are out... there is
> really no need for a wii anymore.

I don't see buying a PS3 or a 360 for move or Kinetic. I want a 360 for 360 titles.

> Oh yeah and dual screen handheld was a pretty gimmick as well as 3D on such a
> small screen. Next thing they could release is virtual boy 2.

I like the DS for RPG games, some emulation, and a few other games, but I prefer the PSP to the DS anyways.

> > It could get more play and I have a bigger Gamecube library than Wii library.
> I
> > also don't like the Wiimote and wish more games could use the classic
> > controller, like Metal Slug anthology, but it does help me lose weight on the
> > Wii fit, I like the digital games I own on it even if Nintendo has more
> > draconian DRM than Sony, which is difficult to imagine.
> >
> >
> >
> > The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!
> >

The new and improved King of Lamers 2003!

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