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SubjectYep -nt- Reply to this message
Posted byveetvujagig
Posted on05/19/11 11:18 AM

> hi

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.*-nt-  SFK06/01/11 12:08 PM
.*u suck balls! -nt-  Purple Rain05/30/11 11:12 PM
..*Here NT ass  Plane Wrecker06/28/11 10:21 PM
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.*Yeah. -nt-  Eon_Blue05/27/11 03:25 AM
.*Re: So how many of us are actually left? NT  TheDarkAbyss05/26/11 05:28 AM
..*Go decrpyt CPS-3 :P -nt-n  LordEvilElmo05/29/11 06:42 PM
...*Re: Go decrpyt CPS-3 :P -nt-n  TheDarkAbyss06/05/11 06:56 PM
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.*10 years+ lurking and counting -nt-  Mitaine05/22/11 10:24 PM
.*here *nt*  Pr3tty F1y05/21/11 11:51 PM
.*What about Blodia Vulcan?  DemetriMoreland05/21/11 08:18 PM
..*LOL I can't believe that phone call still exists.. -n-t  Blodia_Vulcan06/12/11 03:03 AM
.*still lurking!  reptilezero05/21/11 01:42 PM
.*Pop in from time to time...  n2locarz05/21/11 07:58 AM
.*Here  guerilla05/21/11 00:09 AM
..*wtf is wrong with japanese people 0nt goddam  Snowball 205/21/11 04:12 AM
.*Here for the XOR's. -n-t-  Buveed05/20/11 01:42 PM
.*here again -nt- ass  SatsuNoHiTo05/20/11 01:31 AM
.*MIA for a while shoryfag, danysan, Fett, Ibbo. -nt- Shane come back  Cereal Killer05/19/11 09:23 PM
..*And also Evildrak, Eon Blue, Halcyon, Roushi, Snyderman, the Super Joffe bros., and many moooooore.  Death Knight05/20/11 09:18 AM
..Yep -nt-  veetvujagig05/19/11 11:18 AM
.*Still here  jonnyvegas05/19/11 07:45 AM
.*came for the romz, stayed for CA  JudgeInjury05/19/11 04:07 AM
.*Re: So how many of us are actually left? NT  craterface05/19/11 03:48 AM
.*Lurking since...  FireGeek205/19/11 00:26 AM
.*justify or delete -nt-  skydoune05/18/11 03:55 PM
.*still kickin'  newsdee05/18/11 02:16 PM
.*-nt-  SilentAce05/18/11 12:30 PM
.*still lurking.  Law_Suit05/18/11 08:33 AM
.*me too [nt] OK  Terry Bogard05/18/11 07:12 AM
.*Still lurking [nt]  Qc405/18/11 03:53 AM
.*Re: ka-BONG -nt-  ZeroKnightRaiden05/18/11 03:11 AM
.*I'm still here...  Alyas05/18/11 02:54 AM
.*Still need ROMs -nt-  SatsuNoHiTo05/18/11 02:02 AM
.*<--here  jopezu05/18/11 00:42 AM
.*wut -nt-  Bryzian05/18/11 00:28 AM
.*I'm here [nt]  sphincter05/17/11 11:17 PM
.*I haven't croaked... yet  itchyNADZ05/17/11 10:39 PM
.*I  Death Knight05/17/11 09:57 PM
.*Re: So how many of us are actually left? NT  VmprHntrD05/17/11 05:49 PM
..*<img src="hello.jpg" />  LordEvilElmo05/20/11 04:40 PM
.*here -n-t more in the FB group  Snowball 205/17/11 05:01 PM
..*send invite -nt- plz  jajig05/28/11 02:14 PM
.*left in what? -nt-  Ti-BOne05/17/11 12:29 PM