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SubjectDoesn't make sense Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on06/03/11 01:12 AM

> Well then. Despite 7 Zips present age the reality of the matter is what you are
> actually asking to occur. 7 Zip failed the penetration test with end-users.
> Due to the zip or rar or lzh's formats's long histories you are basically asking
> for anything zipped to be transferred to the newer format. Which does take
> time, emulator authors don't have time to encode every format into their
> emulator. Be it free or commerical. It is simply being lost in the shuffle of
> emulator coding.
> 7 Zip was once a hot new format for file compression the previous decade. The
> honeymoon ended and now you see the results. Honeymoons don't last forever
> sadly.
> Regards,

In the grand scheme of general computing, I'd agree with you. 7z is very niche. But if there are complete Goodrom sets being uploaded to various places in merged/solid 7z format, at approximately 1/7th of their zipped size, I would think there would be support from the emu scene (whatever is left of it) for that.

I've been looking at the ZSNES and SNES9x forums, and authors are resisting 7z, which while I don't agree with I can understand their point of view, but then as a replacement for 7z people are instead suggesting end users use an even more niche format designed solely for SNES roms (NSRT and JMA format)!

From my understanding, 7z support can be integrated by calling a .dll, so it doesn't seem like a monumental task to implement. That being said, it is beyond my own skill level :P

I remember somebody here 10+ years ago (Class 3:16, maybe?) who kept ranting about .rar and .ace support for emulators. He was pretty vocal about those formats, but ultimately it didn't matter because
A)nobody listened to him anyway
B)nobody distributed any roms in those formats to begin with

People actively passing around 7z sets right now seems to show that there is interest in the 7z format.

I just thought this was all interesting since I haven't really followed much emulator development in years, since Retrogames sort of died, and am now getting back into it a little bit. The scene seems pretty much dead to me outside of a little progress here and there on more modern systems like ps2, dreamcast, wii, etc.

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