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SubjectForza4 seems good. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on06/14/11 08:41 AM

Kinect integration seems to be done right, useful for skipping lots of menu navigation, but not intrusive for the hardcore player. Also head tracking is a awesome idea for a racing game.

But i'm a sucker for racing games. I don't have much time to play nowdays, but i'm doing a third season of F1 2010 and playing Shift2:Unleashed (i'm at GT3 level). And so far i've been enjoying both of them.

One thing that i don't like is the "social" aspects of gaming, integrating social parts like clubs, teammates, rivals, etc, seems totally unnecessary to me, i may be the minority here, but i'm not a big fan of online playing. I like to have full featured good offline (single-player) games. If i want to multi-player, i would rather do split screen or something.

The Wii U seems like a gimmick, and i can't see a real use for the tablet-like controller.

No opinion on any of the Sony stuff. I never even had a PS2, never played a PS3 or a PSP, so i can't comment on that.

> Have we jumped the shark as an industry? Halo 4...A new-er PSP, a Wii-U/ipad
> controller.
> I'm just not sold on the 3DS yet, and really can't see where the WiiU is going
> with their pad other than making angry birds or doing something similar to the
> GBA link thing the Gamecube had for Crystal Chronicles and Pacman VS.
> And Halo 4 seems so tacked on. The story ended just perfect too :(
> This is a really good cracked article about it
> 6 Most Ominous Trends in gaming

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