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SubjectRe: E3 thoughts? Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on06/14/11 09:25 PM

Well for the 3DS it made me happy to see it's just the beginning of a fantastic year starting Sunday finally with Zelda. 3rd parties though I'd like to learn more as I know things are coming because it sucks if Nintendo just carries it.

Wii...kirby, zelda...voltron?(if it doesn't suck) otherwise dead.

PS3 and 360 going strong, PS3 in particular has some insane shit coming this year (Ico/SotC, Uncharted 3, etc) including them bailing on PSP hard with HD versions of MGS Peacewalker and both God of War games on 1 disc.

And well the Wii U which I know little tidbits more about and it appears it could be fantastic, hardware wise it's over what's out there now by a good little jump. It is going to need to sell itself on third parties and get back people pissed at Wii for giving em the finger for granny. They'll also need to sell the ipad type stylus and control pad in one set too.

Vita...hard to say, but they're not making a good impression with expensive memory cards to save games to when they already got memory cards with games(hmm 3DS doesn't make you have more stuff to save, it came with the card.) And also, PSN psp stuff supposedly Sony of Japan it saying will not work on the new device which is a slap too. I sold my PSP but the licenses I still have mean nothing because I can't re-download to vita so that hurts my interest.

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