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SubjectRe: Hehe now I've found Wii and Gamecube games Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on07/08/11 00:53 AM

> > Online and ready to download heh. Super Mario Wii is pretty good.
> >
> I rescued a copy of Super Mario Galaxy from the clearance rack at Target since
> Nintendo did find it necessary to make it part of their new Greatest Hits-style
> lineup (about god damn time Twilight Princess got marked down, btw) but haven't
> gotten around to playing it yet. Heard it and Galaxy 2 were awesome.
> Sunshine had some really great moments, and other times it was sabotaged by some
> painfully terrible camera quirks and level design deficiencies (sometimes in
> tandem).

Mario Galaxy is fun, but I had a weird sensation playing it. Couldn't stand to play it for more than 45min to 1 hour in a sitting. Not quite sure why... Maybe the poor presentation?

I've been playing a lot of snes lately, but thinking back n64 and some later Nintendo games suffered from lackluster presentation. No cutscenes (of any substance), no voice acting, I notice menu elements reused in many first party games. I think I've been playing too many Western games where the story is the focal point and the gameplay serves as a means to progress that. Nintendo seems to have gameplay for the sake of gameplay with minimal plot development or multimedia pizazz.

Maybe the Zelda games fared better. I still haven't gotten around to putting any substantial time into Twilight Princess (or Wind Waker, which seems less appealing to me).

Speaking of Nintendo, did you order that n64 flash cart? My Super Everdrive came this week and I've been loving it!

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