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SubjectRe: I wound up with a legit copy of No$ by accident Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on07/18/11 01:08 PM

> I clicked the "donate" button on his page to shoot him some $$ after using the
> demo to be able to grab the screenshots from Operation Vietnam and a quick story
> about how I loved his work, IIRC. He emailed me back with a registration key.
> (FWIW, I sent something like $20 and registration was like $5, but I really
> didn't have much interest in actually registering since I didn't really intend
> to use it again)
> Never really had a need for it because I only had a C2D 2.4ghz, which was
> totally too weak to handle DS emulation. :(
> A viable alternative is desmume, I think. Just fired it up and played a little
> of Order of Ecclesia...seemed to work pretty damn well at window size 2x.

All I know is back in the day when I was on irc and another forum the no$ guy was present and he had to be the biggest egomaniacal jackass I've seen next to some of the mame team squatters of all time. He would always swear it to be free except for developers wanting the tools and then changed it, shot his mouth off and well it got pirated hard out of spite. I still have the stolen copy, even if it was $5 it was principle not to pay.

That other you ran the last Castlevania game on I'm surprised did so well. Maybe they got their heads out of their asses and started optimizing and not just adding fluff features (it all trees and IdeaS kept doing that junk.) It was so bad my poor 256MB radeon and quadcore PC wouldn't run either of them full speed. I have a faster laptop than it now with a nicer card in it, may have to look but I don't do much with DS anymore with the 3DS around as much of the library I just never cared for.

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