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SubjectWeird laptop issue Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on08/14/11 10:22 PM

Here's what I have (got it there too.)

I can't say for certain it is firefox5 that caused it as I caught it using Chrome once too. I think it probably is a hibernation issue, not sleep, but still haven't been able to test that yet either for certain.

Anyway, if I close the laptop and come back, maybe I'm safe, maybe I'm not, but eventually within 1-3 days of being up and not restarting/powering off eventually the system takes a giant slow motion shit. I wanted to initially blame firefox because it kept happening as I used it but I'm not certain anymore.

Here's the weird of it. Everything still works, just asininely slow. I mean I can right click the bar-> task manager and it takes a minute or so to pop up, and if I click it more than once or twice it'll think that it's 'not responding' but eventually goes. I've kept up stuff to monitor at a basic level and the CPU isn't being run ragged (like when a pc will crawl if stuck at 99%) and the ram isn't being sucked up any more or less either.

I tried to one by one kill processes via task manager over an hour(yeah that lagged) and got nowhere.

I've currently got hibernation removed/disabled from my computer and sleep is the only thing active.

If you're too lazy to check the link(but you should) running Win 7 64bit Home Premium on an ASUS X53E i5 core laptop w/6GB of RAM, the rest of the specs are in the link.

Anyone got any speculation what the fuck I can do with this as it's bugging the hell out of me I can't close this thing without thinking a time bomb is ticking. I've been hitting google for at least a week trying all sorts of pages for answers and I can't find a damn thing. All I know for certain is that it is NOT a parts defective issue as I did narrow that out of it.

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