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SubjectRe: Weird laptop issue Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on08/17/11 06:31 PM

> I have similar specs on my laptop, I have a i7 though. I use hibernation all
> the time on win7 64bit and I never run into this. Being that it's hibernation
> causing it you would think that maybe it would be a hardware issue perhaps ram
> or hard drive. But you said you ruled that out. So I am just unsure of this.
> > I have more information I finally tracked down the offender, but now I can't
> > find a cause or fix for it...yet.
> >
Yeah I'm totally lost on it. I had one of these already that was a lemon so I know from elimination between the two it's not a parts issue. I know it's not a registry problem calling bad crap either from poking around, and it seems to come down to some stinking driver. I have no idea if it's something intel has for its video, something asus runs that's natively 32bit pissing it off, or some low level api or kernel accessing crap that's setting it off.

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