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SubjectI want to see all you fucking fucks on facebook. Reply to this message
Posted byEon_Blue
Posted on08/28/11 10:59 PM

Don't give me any of that hipster bullshit about how facebook is too trendy - when this place finally crashes and burns (and it fucking will), I don't want to miss anyone on roll call. WHEN you get a facebook account set up, send me a PM here and I'll get you in the RG Clan on facebook, and you can sit there and ignore the shit out of THAT group instead of this one. The group is set to private (though we try to keep things PG 13 for the wives with prying eyes), so none of your precious FB friends will know you're actually a useless shit stain video game nerd.

Get the fuck in there, I'm serious. I'll try to check PM's on here when I remember, and I'll hook up everyone that requests. We've got a solid dozen people in there already, so it's actually less of a ghost town than this place.

As stupidly sentimental as it sounds, a lot of us (anyone that's still here anyway) GREW UP TOGETHER - I've been here for TEN FUCKING YEARS - that's a THIRD OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. It'd be a god damn shame to have this place go tits up and lose contact with everyone.

Send me a PM before I justify AND delete your ass.

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.I want to see all you fucking fucks on facebook.  Eon_Blue08/28/11 10:59 PM
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..*NT: PM Sent waiting on add request  aspateer08/31/11 12:14 PM