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SubjectTESTIFY BROTHER BLUE!!!! NT Seriously though, get your cunts in the group. Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on08/29/11 11:01 AM

> Don't give me any of that hipster bullshit about how facebook is too trendy -
> when this place finally crashes and burns (and it fucking will), I don't want to
> miss anyone on roll call. WHEN you get a facebook account set up, send me a PM
> here and I'll get you in the RG Clan on facebook, and you can sit there and
> ignore the shit out of THAT group instead of this one. The group is set to
> private (though we try to keep things PG 13 for the wives with prying eyes), so
> none of your precious FB friends will know you're actually a useless shit stain
> video game nerd.
> Get the fuck in there, I'm serious. I'll try to check PM's on here when I
> remember, and I'll hook up everyone that requests. We've got a solid dozen
> people in there already, so it's actually less of a ghost town than this place.
> As stupidly sentimental as it sounds, a lot of us (anyone that's still here
> anyway) GREW UP TOGETHER - I've been here for TEN FUCKING YEARS - that's a THIRD
> OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. It'd be a god damn shame to have this place go tits up and
> lose contact with everyone.
> Send me a PM before I justify AND delete your ass.

All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

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