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SubjectDS revisions Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on09/16/11 09:08 PM

I've got both (XL and 3DS), so let me share some thoughts.

Definitely not worth getting a 3DS right now given the game selection.
Suprisingly the 3D does work; it sounds like a gimmick but you miss it if you turn it off. I guess it's a matter of taste.
The framerate doubles when you switch it off but everything looks oh so flat.
Playing SF4 in 3D "Dynamic Mode" (over the shoulder view) makes pulling off some combos very satisfying, but the novelty will wear off after a while.

I'm mostly using my DSi XL now.
It's great for me as I got big hands so it's more comfortable to hold (compared to the 3DS).
The one downside is that the resolution is the same for a bigger screen, so you notice more individual pixels.
It doesn't bother me (I like pixel graphics), but it's no iPhone Retina Display.
The screen is brighter than the DS Lite, which itself was much better than the crap screen of the original DS.

Battery wise, I haven't done exact measuring but the 3DS seems to drain very fast with WiFi switched on.
The XL is decent but I do feel (again very subjective) it drains faster than the DS Lite.
Both XL and 3DS seems to consume more power on standby than the DS Lite though, so I usually switch them off if I'm on the move and don't have a charger handy.

If your only machine is an original DS, it's definitely worth the upgrade on the screen quality alone.
If you find it too big, the DSi is a good choice too (assuming you don't have a DS Lite).

That said if Nintendo wants to keep bleeding me of cash they should come out with a 3DS XL.
I'd buy that in a pavlovian reflex.

> Yea, I had to wind up installing the homebrew channel via letterbomb to add the
> other programs I needed to be able to actually play it. Region coding sucks. :(
> Ghost Recon on 3DS looks and sounds awesome. I was wondering when there would be
> a followup to Rebelstar Tactical Command, now I just wish the game was on a
> platform that I want to own :(
> Perhaps in another hardware revision or so then I'll take the plunge on the 3DS.
> I'm looking at buying a DSi XL to replacing my aging DS fat, so perhaps I'll
> make some headway into my DS RPG backlog in the next year :)

[download a life]

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