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SubjectPlay with the weapons a bit Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on10/10/11 11:16 PM

It took me a little bit to get the feel for the various weapons. The basic rifle is pretty good for taking down those big guys while dodging, while the shotgun (which you can unlock super quick) is great for taking care of the mousers. Once you start unlocking higher level stuff like the rocket launcher and rail gun, you're able to really start destroying guys.

My favorite right now is the rail gun with the decreased fire delay and the x-ray scope. Not only does it shoot through walls (and other enemies. awesome for when you line 'em up!), but you can accurately aim at those bastards.

There's some equipment upgrades you can purchase as well. I finally got around to paying more attention to those. Now I'm rocking with more ammo per clip and more overall health. Next up: increased damage resistance.

The lack of enemy variety kind of ensures that you can get by without having to finely optimize your upgrade strategy. Really, the rifle, shotgun, and rocket launcher are all you need. The rail gun is a nice bonus and the other energy weapons allow an alternate playstyle based on preference.

From what I understand, there's a NewGame+ option, so you can start a second playthrough on a higher difficulty while retaining all of your upgrades. Pretty much the only way the insane difficulty would be doable as far as I can tell. Of course there'll always be that guy that can beat it with nothing more than a rifle, but for everyone else...yea...

> I played the demo and there's an area where you get attacked by a buncha big
> robot things (been a while, mind's fuzzy) and I was struggling with it. It
> really is a pretty game, though.

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