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SubjectSome quick reviews Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on10/24/11 03:58 PM

Well, it turns out my job is giving me some extra time off. So, I finally have some time to dig in to my game log and wanted to share.

Batman Arkham City: This game just keeps getting better. Game Informer gave it a perfect score and called it the "Best licensed game ever" and I agree. The voice acting, the gameplay, and the story are movie quality. Granted they put in nearly every villain in the book, but it is a fantastic experience. Highly recommended.

Space Marine: For a first attempt, it is a really good game. It's a lot like the first Halo & Gears mashed together, and lacks just a few of the modern features that would put it over the top. In hindsight, $60 was too much this time around, but their second effort could be a real winner.

NCAA 2012: You can play out a year of high school football and download literally thousands of teams to do it with. Always wanted that in a game, and they have done it here. With the roster downloads, and coaching carousel function in season mode, this game is the best one to date.

Madden 2012: I have played this less than any Madden I remember. Not great nor awful, just very tired feeling. I really hope the NFL opens the license back up to 2K and others after this deal expires. It's just too much of the same.

NBA 2K12: Better rosters, better gameplay, and the classic presentations are really cool. For example, the games played in the 60's are in black and white, without three pointers, and have old style light up scoreboards and such. Great game, maybe the only good thing the NBA does this year.

Toy Soliders: Cold War: Really, really fun two player game. If you like tower defense and the eighties, you will enjoy this.

Rock of Ages: The art style is unlike anything you have seen. It's a bit of Katamari meets Monkeyball meets Rampart, and it really works. It's weird to think the art assets for this game are several hundred, perhaps even thousands of years old!

Dead Pixels: Love the River City look, and the gameplay is classic as well. For me though it goes from smooth sailing to concrete wall hard towards the last levels. Maybe it's by design (Nintendo hard) but it is a fun game with a friend.