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Subjecthey DK Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on11/19/11 09:48 PM

Off topic... I'm looking at getting a cell phone blocker. They can't be bought in the US because they're "illegal", but they can be bought in other countries. I've been thinking about sending $$$ to a trusted CA bro that could buy the blocker, repackage it, and send it to me.

> Going on a trip to Buenos Aires for a week. Then there's two online courses I'm
> taking and have activities to turn in. One about violence and the other about
> drug abuse (the focuses of my current work).
> When I do get some free time, I've got about 3 games in the pipeline to play,
> plus all the shit that's coming out this month and the next like Batman, which
> I'll probably buy in the next couple of weeks, Assassin's Creed and Skyrim that
> I'm asking for as a Christmas present, and if time allows, MW3 and Battlefield
> 3.
> Oh, and I'll probably have to go see Twilight with my wife next week anyway...
> damn.
> All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

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