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SubjectIs this the system seller? Should I get a 3DS for this game? nt Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on12/05/11 01:57 PM

> I posted quick thing on my facebook about it but just thought I would throw it
> on here for anyone in the market.
> My son has a DSi and he wanted to play mario kart 7 sometime... well found out
> it was only for 3DS so he sold a bunch of his old toys to buy a 3DS, which I
> wasn't so sure about, thinking it wouldn't add much of anything other then new
> games... but boy was I wrong.
> The thing is pretty amazing. It can take 3D pictures and videos (video in
> firmware update on the 8th). You can now make "Miis" for all your family and
> friends plus it will set up the face based on a picture you take. It has a
> couple games/silly things to take a picture of your face in 3D and then shoot it
> and make it talk. The 3D part can be turned off too turning anything into a 2d
> version without any major loss in quality. We got the pack that came with Mario
> 3D, not only to save money but gave him a game to play right out of the box.
> So anyways, he had been playing all day on/off and I thought it looked pretty
> cool and then he wanted me to play. I didn't put the shit down for like an
> hour... thought it was like 10 minutes. It is definitely 3D in nature but still
> has a nice 2D feel to it. Closer to old school Mario than the Galaxy series.
> They have a sort of mix and match from all the Mario games. There is a takooni
> (i think it is spelled) suit that has a tail and can float, a box with a
> propeller on the top to act much like the orange suit from New Super Mario on
> the Wii. Typical fire power and probably a lot more. I am only on world 3 right
> now but I saw my son in a turtle dude suit that shot boomerangs. Three star
> coins per level (like super mario on SNES) and they are used to unlock levels
> and items/etc as you play through the game. New switches can be activated by
> tail swiping things to raise platforms and such. The brought in the cannon and
> looking around like in Mario 64 in some levels. The cannon and binoculars are
> used by activating the gyro in the 3DS so you move the console around to control
> it's aim... pretty intuitive to use. At one point in one of the levels it brings
> you back into Mario Bros (NES) level design and final flag/castle.
> Just an overall amazing experiance for me and my son loves it. I have tried
> using the 3D but it has to be held like 10-12 inches from your face to work well
> and I didn't feel comfortable doing it... so the whole time I turned off 3D
> (which is simply done with a slider on the side of the screen) and I have had 0
> problems that I thought 3D would be necessary.
> I also use an acekard2i which doesn't work right now (since I upgraded to the
> latest firmware) but they are in the works on fixing it. DSTWO cards work on the
> latest firmware so it will be possible. Also 3DS roms don't work on any card as
> of now... but again should work down the road.
> Just my two cents

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