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SubjectHouse got broken into today Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on12/20/11 11:49 PM

Stole all my electronics and games, all our presents, and stomped my nice little Christmas tree on the way out. Walked out my front door with a 42 inch TV in the middle of the day and my neighbor saw them and called the police. They were in my home for almost an hour just tossing drawers and looking. Nothing really broken, just looks like a earthquake hit the place or something.

We have $20,000 in insurance, and they are being really great so far. So I guess I will be getting all new everything for Christmas (they took only the three newer systems, left all my classic stuff) and have a couple of thousand dollars left over. My favorite is that they stole a couple of binders or burned PS2 game's but left the modded PS2 to play them with. Hah!

But I lost about 100-125 games total, some I hadn't gotten around to opening. They took my wife's DS, but not mine, and they must not like my PSP game selection since they stole the system but no games. Took an Ipod, a Kindle (Amazon bricked it wirelessly, so it's of no use now to anyone) a laptop, a digital camera, left all my guns, stole my wife's good jewelry and left the costume stuff, and tried to steal my monitor but gave up since it was wired into the desk pretty solidly. They left the tower as well, and not a single toy was stolen out of any of my shelves of crap.

They wore gloves and must have watched my wife leave for work, then drove up and kicked in a backdoor and went to town. The police came and the OSBI (Okla FBI!) came and dusted for prints like on CSI. Turns our they were wearing leather gloves, so nothing came up. They tried to steal my Jeep as well, but since I have been gone so much this yer battery was dead on it. But they did take the keys so I have to get that replaced as well as the locks on the house.

Interesting thing, they left Coach purses and unopened packages from Amazon on the table, but stole my 50 state quarter collection (new worth $12.50) of the wall and a jar of change. Laundry day I guess? They left a checkbook, but stole a blank check for the utility company. It cost $32 for the bank to void it!

I killed off the Xbox live account and the PS3 one as well. Never ordered anything on the Wii one. I know they can track it, but I don't want them to be able to order a bunch of crap. Just a couple of punks probably going to pawn this stuff the next town over. I called the pawn shop and gave them a description, so I guess we will see what happens.

But you know what? My wife wasn't hurt, and no one else was either. Had I been home, I don't know what would have happened, they might have had guns and shot us or something. I sure as hell do and were I to wake up to a strange guy in my house...

We have a "Make my day law" in Oklahoma. I don't think I would have shot anybody (it was an adult black man and woman who did this according to the witness) but I might have scared them a few shades lighter with a few warning shots :)

Hope you guys have a better Christmas than mine has started out as. Be sure to take the time to really appreciate the things that are important. Stuff is stuff, but family is irreplaceable.

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