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Subject5 days before Christmas Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on12/21/11 11:27 AM

Thing is I'm one of the worst villans you've come across, and even I can't stomach this. I can't do an awful lot, but if you PM me a shipping address, I'll send you a DS I'm not using to replace the one stolen. At least you'll know not everyone has forsaken Christmas.

> Stole all my electronics and games, all our presents, and stomped my nice little
> Christmas tree on the way out. Walked out my front door with a 42 inch TV in the
> middle of the day and my neighbor saw them and called the police. They were in
> my home for almost an hour just tossing drawers and looking. Nothing really
> broken, just looks like a earthquake hit the place or something.
> We have $20,000 in insurance, and they are being really great so far. So I guess
> I will be getting all new everything for Christmas (they took only the three
> newer systems, left all my classic stuff) and have a couple of thousand dollars
> left over. My favorite is that they stole a couple of binders or burned PS2
> game's but left the modded PS2 to play them with. Hah!
> But I lost about 100-125 games total, some I hadn't gotten around to opening.
> They took my wife's DS, but not mine, and they must not like my PSP game
> selection since they stole the system but no games. Took an Ipod, a Kindle
> (Amazon bricked it wirelessly, so it's of no use now to anyone) a laptop, a
> digital camera, left all my guns, stole my wife's good jewelry and left the
> costume stuff, and tried to steal my monitor but gave up since it was wired into
> the desk pretty solidly. They left the tower as well, and not a single toy was
> stolen out of any of my shelves of crap.
> They wore gloves and must have watched my wife leave for work, then drove up and
> kicked in a backdoor and went to town. The police came and the OSBI (Okla FBI!)
> came and dusted for prints like on CSI. Turns our they were wearing leather
> gloves, so nothing came up. They tried to steal my Jeep as well, but since I
> have been gone so much this yer battery was dead on it. But they did take the
> keys so I have to get that replaced as well as the locks on the house.
> Interesting thing, they left Coach purses and unopened packages from Amazon on
> the table, but stole my 50 state quarter collection (new worth $12.50) of the
> wall and a jar of change. Laundry day I guess? They left a checkbook, but stole
> a blank check for the utility company. It cost $32 for the bank to void it!
> I killed off the Xbox live account and the PS3 one as well. Never ordered
> anything on the Wii one. I know they can track it, but I don't want them to be
> able to order a bunch of crap. Just a couple of punks probably going to pawn
> this stuff the next town over. I called the pawn shop and gave them a
> description, so I guess we will see what happens.
> But you know what? My wife wasn't hurt, and no one else was either. Had I been
> home, I don't know what would have happened, they might have had guns and shot
> us or something. I sure as hell do and were I to wake up to a strange guy in my
> house...
> We have a "Make my day law" in Oklahoma. I don't think I would have shot anybody
> (it was an adult black man and woman who did this according to the witness) but
> I might have scared them a few shades lighter with a few warning shots :)
> Hope you guys have a better Christmas than mine has started out as. Be sure to
> take the time to really appreciate the things that are important. Stuff is
> stuff, but family is irreplaceable.

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