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SubjectRe: Sonic Generations Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on12/28/11 01:17 AM

> Installed and played a lit bit. Modern Sonic still sounds like a douchebag to
> me. But Classic Sonic levels are cool, i liked the graphics and the fact that
> the first Chemical Plant is almost an verbatim copy of the MegaDrive level was
> an nice added bonus.
> Still struglling with the Modern Sonic levels, i haven't played a "modern" Sonic
> since Sonic Adventure 1 on the DreamCast. But i'll get the hang of it.
> I'm still at the very beginning, but so far, it pleases me.
> So, it's good enough for me.

Totally agree with this. I got it for Christmas, and the last Sonic game I could barely stomach to finish was SA2 on the Dreamcast, and that was a barely due to the bugs and it was downhill from there. Some people truly tried on this and I think it shows. I've got Green Hill, Chemical, and Sky Garden sonic old/new so far, but oddly no boss fight yet and I know it's Metal Sonic which should be fun.

I too am having issues with the 'new' Sonic stages a little just because they get a bit too fast mixed with the 3D and you get some questionable moments the camera pitches or something having repeatedly sent my ass into a bottomless pit. The old school setup with good sonic though, those are so damn fun it's ridiculous and I'd never in my mind though fun and sonic would be in the same sentence again except referring to the old days.

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