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SubjectRe: +1 [mt] Reply to this message
Posted byJudgeInjury
Posted on01/11/12 02:55 PM

Sure thing :)

I am a total newb when it comes to assault rifles so I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of options. I selected this based on appearance, and sheer magazine capacity since it will be primarily a "feel good" for my wife. It holds 32 rounds and can empty the clip in less than 10 seconds, but I wanted something so nasty looking that if a hypothetical bad guy just saw her holding it, he would lost interest in her fast. My idea of the perfect home defense is something you never even have to use.

This particular rifle is an AK-47 C Liberty made by I.O. Inc. out of North Carolina. Apparently they started out by buying spare parts and manufacturing completed AK's which was a hit or miss affair, no pun intended. So they have had very mixed reviews depending on when and what you bought from them. It seems like if you got a lemon from them a few years ago you are pretty vocal about it online :)

But for the past several years now they have used Polish blueprints to make their own parts and receivers, paired with American manufactured barrels and triggers, etc. So this gun is somewhat of a mutant in the AK world, with a Mossberg barrel, tapco trigger, and master mold plastics. Purists don't like that it isn't wood, but other than that, the reviews I found were all very positive. And it's truly a "Made in America" AK-47, which to me is pretty neat.

It's a mid level gun ($549), so I was expecting a lot less for it than it has been so far. I looked through about 4 of them new in the box, and to me I thought this one was the sharpest. I was told the rivets on these can get seated crooked, dimple inward too far, the magazine can wobble, and the finish can be spotty, but this particular one doesn't seem to have those problems. One of the others did look funny to me though so look through their stock if you are planning to buy something similar.

We have only put a hundred plus rounds through it, but so far I have nothing but positive things to say about IO guns. Lifetime warranty, and if something goes wrong they send you a shipping label to send it back to the armory for repair.


> Who's the maker of that AK, and any comments on it? I've been thinking of
> getting one for a couple of years now (got four AR-15s, looking to do something
> else for a change), so would be interested to hear any thoughts you've got on
> them.

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