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SubjectI went to a Distant Worlds show in Boston Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on03/22/12 00:21 AM

First, I am a Final Fantasy kiddie to the bone...up to FF7. The rest, meh. FF10 was pretty sexy but it didn't grab me quite as much. Anyways, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Distant Worlds came to Boston a week or two ago and I was thrilled they finally came close to me. I snatched up fantastic tickets, sat a couple rows from the front. That's the first time I ever bragged about getting tickets close to the front...at a symphony orchestra.

So they started off playing the good ol' Final Fantasy prelude with the harp. This was an actual harpist playing the prelude. It suddenly hit me how awesome that moment was. Some of my favorite gaming memories being played by a full orchestra. I don't care if you think I'm a douche but I had to fight tears. It was seriously awesome.

It was a fun time too. It wasn't the typical stuffy orchestra. They had a screen where they played scenes from various Final Fantasy games. They played the fight song from FF8 by playing a scene where some characters were talking and then ran into battle...which then kicked off the orchestra playing the song. It was the old crappy PSX graphics too...those games have not aged well :-P Other funny things were when they played Samba de Chocobo and they had videos of all the various forms of Chocobos over the years including the 8 bit incarnations.

The set list played tons of FF6 which is the best FF in all of creation. They played Liberi Fatali which was mind blowing in a live concert. They even had an encore. It was total rock concert...in a symphony kind of way. To top it all off? They played One Winged Angel and had the audience sing along every time they said "Sephiroth!".

So, there is my high school newspaper write up of the indescribably awesome time I had at Distant Worlds. If you're a FF fan and it plays near you, GO SEE IT.


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