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SubjectCPS1 and 2 had Neural Networks... Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on06/19/12 02:38 AM

> After a long time of not having played the SF2 games I decided to load them up
> in MAME last night. Went through and made sure everything was how I like it in
> the DIP switches, left it on medium difficulty because that should be OK, right?
> The game literally rips you a new asshole on medium difficulty but I managed to
> get through. Today I finally caved and put Hyper SF2 on 3/easy, below that is
> 2/very easy and 1/easiest; on easy it still did cheap shit.
> I've been in plenty of arcades where I was able to beat on the CPU opponent
> fairly well to where the game was boring so I'm guessing that they had the game
> on 1 or 2 difficulty.

... Balrog/Vega and his team have been slowly learning how to fight better over the last 20 years. In just 5 more years, they will realise that 3D games like SF4, combined with 3D televisions and 3D printers will give them the capability to escape the confines of video games and take over the world

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