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SubjectRe: Grand Unified Theory Reply to this message
Posted bydean
Posted on08/10/12 07:45 PM

The fundamental problem is what both Liberals and Conservatives believe in: the culture war.

This is how every singe conflict in modern history is framed, right up to Mitt Romney's childish characterization of the checkpoint-carved West Bank's basket case economy as a "cultural problem." Obama plays this card when he talks about some kind of humanitarian goal in the US military theatres, conflicts in which he has had a worse record for civilian casualties than Bush, and when he addressed Iranians with a reconciliatory speech just as he was instituting policies meant to squeeze the population into desperation.

It's the same with the so-called Christian-Muslim culture war. Evan makes it painfully clear that he is absolutely ignorant about the mentalities of Western societies, and much like the democrats who whine about Fox news complaining about Olympic outfits, he does nothing to steer the discussion towards the material reality. He focuses on abstractions and ideals without even pretending to give a shit about something more substantial.

The thing is, the conservatives have a good point: liberals are obsessed with an inclusive political correctness to the point of loss of self-dignity. And this is a purely rhetorical attitude; for instance, the usage of enriched uranium on Iraqis, the forced population transfer of Iraqi men and boys of fighting age into besieged cities, don't even register. This is for good reason: they don't give a shit about human rights, they care about looking like they care. Conservatives care about looking tough and more callous then them. Remember Guantanamo? What about Bagram? Oops we don't give a shit,we got bigger issues like someone's right to smoke weed.

It's worthless, you see. The dynamics of the US nation are simple: we have a government managed by corporate interests which value the consumer market, logistical and infrastructure capital and military power of a global monetary Reich. Christ, we have a federal reserve propping up the most bloated military on earth to enforce adherence to the dollar as the reserve currency across the world, so China and Russia are basically forced to buy US bonds that support a military apparatus that tires to close off markets to them.

Evil? Sayel wants to talk about evil? What a fucking child. I don't care how nationalist or ill-informed you are, you are evil if, like Obama and Albright in her time, you have no qualms about the killing of infants who haven't even had a change to breathe the word "jihad" against the foreigners shelling their remote village. Get your head out of fairy tales and maybe you'll learn something. My only practical advice, the next time someone explains a global financial or military conflict to you that "they don't like freedom" or "people got greedy," just smack them. Bullshit solipsisms. Go read BusinessWeek, Al Jazeera, the Wall Street Journal if you want something real. And please ignore anything coming out of such outfits as the Heritage Foundation and Brookings Institute.

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