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SubjectI respectfully disagree Reply to this message
Posted byCereal Killer
Posted on05/22/13 11:54 AM

My opinion of Xbox live is that the dashboard now does all the things we wanted it to do for years. I probably use the apps as much as I game. Hopefully they know how to test for heat issues now. If Xbox one does all the shit they say it does, I'm kind of looking forward to it. I don't have a ton of time to game these days either, but I like the idea of having an entertainment hub. The only gripe I really have is that Kinect has so much potential to assist people with handicaps, that it's wasted on an entertainment system.

Maybe I'm just biased, because I seem to be one of the few people that never had my 2006 Xbox red ring. But I wouldn't call myself a fanboy. I'm just looking to see what I can exploit from the new gaming systems on the way. And I'm still starving for details of the PS4. As much of a jack off the Xbox one reveal was, they did make some big promises.

> Big piece of crap. It's just a generic system that wants to do it all like a PC
> but masquerading as a console. To that I say who cares other than MS and xbox
> fanboys. Given the track record of their first system with narrow support on
> genre, and the second being a timebomb along with uniquely charging $50/yr just
> so you can use your full game you buy, they've never been on my buy list.
> I've got a kid, lack of time, and enjoy older stuff more so really I'm going to
> attempt to stick with ONE system this go around at least for 2-3 years going
> forward. If I get a second it will be like this time around with the Wii, get a
> PS4 and get the 1st/2nd party exclusives and stuff childish developers won't put
> on Nintendo for nonsense reasons.
> Billy Connolly - Statement of the Century
> "If women are so bloody perfect at multitasking, how come they can't have a
> headache and sex at the same time ?"

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