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SubjectRe: God, i LOVE tyrian. Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on05/22/13 08:54 PM

Well, I would be doing a "clone" or sorts. I am trying to keep it as original as possible. Also I am trying my hand at a bit of 3d modeling (using blender). So I am doing essentially 3D objects with 2d backdrop. I haven't worked on it in a while. All I have so far is a jet and some controls/firing. I am a long way from being anywhere... but tyrian sucked days of my life away and I loved it so much.

> It's one of those games that never leaves my DosBox folder.
> And one of my favorite games of all time, for sure.
> Did you see that the sprites for Tyrian were released to the open-source? So you
> can actually use the real Tyrian graphics.
> I never tried unity, since my idea is to make 2d games only. I already have a
> hard time doing 2d graphics, no need to add another dimension to confuse me
> further, hehe.
> > Funny you are working on that. I am actually working on (I use working very
> > loosely here) a Tyrian clone in Unity. I am just doing it for fun though. Good
> > luck on your game.
> >
> > > still a little bit to go, so i'm trying to raise some funds.
> > >
> > > http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shin-doraigo/
> > >
> > >
> > > Hey, if anyone here gets a 5usd perk, i'll bump to 10usd level, because it's
> > for
> > > you guys.
> > >
> > > i'm trying to cut into the indie game market, but i suck at graphics, so, i
> > got
> > > these free graphics and i want to bump them to hd, which will cost me money,
> > > just like all the software involved to make this (and hopefully compile and
> > > distribute to iOS/Android).
> > >
> > > Anyway, the basic web version will be free, so you will get to play it soon
> > > enough.
> > >
> > > And if you can help, all the better. :)
> > >
> >

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