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SubjectRe: how do you feel about not transfering XBL content? Reply to this message
Posted bySilentAce
Posted on05/22/13 09:01 PM

Different architecture is why it isn't backwards compatible. Either way here are my two cents.

Fuck... them... both. I must say the PS4 is more of a draw than xbox... but even then they both can piss on it.

Xbox added a great feature (loading games to HDD without having to ever use the disc again)... BUT they then say they haven't figured out how they would handle bringing your disc to another console... AND you have to pay a fee for used games. Go fuck yourself.

I am tired of this replay, DLC, half game, we charge you 14 times for one fucking game shit. Like I said to the rest of my friends... PC it is. I love console gaming... but I am tired of them trying to turn my game console into an all out HTPC.

Also... I would bet a lot on gold will be required to do ANYTHING worthy at all on the xbox, at least the ps4 will likely not do that.

Big one too here, they tout 8GB of memory, but only 5GB will be allowed towards the game. 1GB TV/background stuff and 2GB for always on apps... it's a whole bunch of greatness followed by utter shit.

Microsoft = apple right now. They didn't listen to what the customer wants, they told the customer what they will want. God I can't explain it with enough fucks... fuck them and fuck their shit. I would rather buy a Wii U.

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