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SubjectPC Engine love Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on03/01/15 08:43 PM

By random luck I found a PC Engine Duo-R at an OK price... it had no box, has scratches on the outside, and a very yellowed controller (hence a little bit cheaper), but I don't care as long as it works. Recently I had read a blog entry explaining why these (R/RX) were the recommended models to get (CD drive lasts longer) so I couldn't let the offer pass.

So now having fun trying CD games for it. It's funny how most of them are from before the FMV era (or the PCE isn't powerful enough to handle video compression), so they are mostly CD quality audio and "full talkie" cutscenes. Although most games are in Japanese I can feel the pacing isn't very good, almost as if they pasted audio snippets of the speech together.
That doesn't mean the games are less enjoyable, but it makes me smirk to see the lengthy intro they came up with for R-Type to use up space :-)

Does anybody know if the Snatcher translation was ever completed? I thought it did but maybe that was a different system.

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