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Subjectthis is me, minus the kids. Reply to this message
Posted byTi-BOne
Posted on03/13/16 08:29 AM

I REALLY enjoyed Shovel Knight, cute, good, nostalgia filled and perfectly balanced game.

I can't even begin to think about tackling something like Witcher 3. Too big, too involved.

I did enjoyed Jessica Jones and Deadpool, but i am watching a shitload of documentaries and ted talks on netflix, because... i don't why really.

But most of the stuff people hype, i'm just meh, not so good.

> I play some games but I mostly just stick to anything that doesn't require any
> longterm commitment. I did pick up MGS5 but I kinda lost interest in it. I
> never really got into the base/army building games like Peacewalker and now
> MGS5. Zero interest in playing soldier Pokemon. Shadow of Mordor was fun and
> quick. I liked Titanfall a bunch. My guilty pleasures have been ZvP: Garden
> Warefare and Splatoon (super fast games, simple reward systems, none of this 50
> levels of customization and perks bullshit).
> Life-wise, I've taken up learning Japanese and I love hanging with my parents on
> Sunday to drink a couple bottles of wine and take it easy. I can't stand at
> least 98% of TV dramas. There's a few rare exceptions but I'm largely not
> interested. I cut the cord at least 2 years ago. Movies are still occasionally
> fun but I've gotten to this weird point where I see a movie once and then I have
> no interest in ever seeing it again. Even movies I absolutely adored. It's
> like the thrill can't be recaptured so I don't bother. Deadpool was good.
> StarWars was ok but it was literally just a rehash of the first movie. For
> people that have already seen prior entries, I'm not sure why this warranted the
> hysteria it got. Meh, maybe I've just seen the same old shit too many times to
> get my feathers ruffled.
> I'm big on taking the girls outdoors and doing fun stuff when we can. I
> genetically engineered the best kids you could possibly have and imprinted my
> own hobbies and likes onto them. "Dad, can we watch you play Punch Out
> tonight?!" Of course, children. Of course you can.
> pixel-eight.com

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