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SubjectRe: HD Retrovision - Component cables for retro consoles Reply to this message
Posted bycraterface
Posted on07/02/16 02:16 AM

Banned for spa - Oh, hey Satso!! :)

That's cool that these exist for older consoles. I know there's an unofficial component cable for the OG Wii that improves the quality, noticeable on Youtube and Netflix but I never got those. Do you have pictures of the video quality?

> http://www.hdretrovision.com/
> I backed this Kickstarter and got their SNES component cables out of it; I
> followed their progress through the e-mails they regularly sent out and it looks
> like they did their homework and know their stuff. The SNES component cables I
> received worked perfectly. I had previously modded my SNES to output RGB by
> simply soldering wires from the PPU to female RCA connections I mounter to the
> side of my SNES; this worked fine when I tweaked my video settings to get the
> color saturation to my liking. When I got the HD Retrovision cables, I made only
> minor adjustments (I reduced color saturation and increased sharpness) in
> comparison to my mod to get the output to my liking; in short, these are good
> cables.
> These cables are legit, I run my SNES through my Onkyo receiver because the
> receiver scales low-res stuff better than my Sharp TV; the SNES looks great with
> these cables running through the Onkyo.
> These cables offer an alternative to modding your console; yes, you could mod an
> SNES, Genesis, or NEO-GEO to output a component video signal, but these cables
> take what is already available at the A/V output port, usually RGB, and then
> incorporate the necessary electronic components to make that RGB signal
> compatible with a component signal which will play nice with televisions.
> They offer an SNES cable, Genesis cable (you MegaDrive gits already have your
> SCART!), and then a NEO-GEO adapter that goes on the Genesis cable. I like this
> stuff.

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