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SubjectFired up nullDC for the first time in years Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on07/03/16 02:04 PM

Toy Commander hasn't aged as well as I'd hoped and the controls are clunkier than I remember, but I still somehow managed to accidentally play through half the game when I totally intended to stop after the Chuck Amok level. The FMV is bugged in nullDC, but thanks to the game's native 16:9 support and the general maturity of the hardware renderer, it otherwise looks quite nice. Not a huge fan of some of these difficulty spikes (the buggy race in the garage can go fuck itself), but there's enough more accessible missions to keep things moving along.

Not as happy with Reicast or Demul, although I fully expect Reicast to become the DC emulator of choice here in a few years given its active development.