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Subjectuhm... not enough... Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on04/25/02 01:00 PM

Thanks, man, you are very kind, but unfortunately this info is not enough...

Character Map Mode
Each character is 8x8. The screen is made of 40x25 characters

Well, (8x8)*(40x25) is 320x200. Fine, that's the usable text area. But I guess that the backgroud surrounding it is not considered here...

Bitmapped Graphics Mode
HiRes Mode: 320x200 pixels, any one color per character-cell, and the background color
Multocolor Mode: 160x200 pixels, 3 pre-selected colors, any one color per character-cell, and the background color

Again, this is the "work area". It would be enough, if the VIC-II wouldn't allow to blit anything outside of it - which is not the case.
Play some tricky-programmed games, like Creatures 1 & 2 or Turrican (if my memory serves me well), and you'll see sprites travelling right there, where there shouldn't be anything...

I want to know the resolution of the WHOLE C64 screen, not just the "normally usable" part of it.

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