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SubjectH res was 320 pixels... Reply to this message
Posted byProphet
Posted on05/24/02 03:12 AM

320 for sure, not 312. I know because I spent countless hours comparing the C64 specs to my Atari 800 at the time. :)

While it may have been able to do 256 lines vertical, the viewable display area was closer to 200, and 320x200 was the listed res in the spec sheets at the time.

> i forgot the exact number for horizontal,
> but the maximum number of pixels the vicii can display vertically is 256 or at
> least that was the maximum number i could do back in my c64 programming days.
> *edit*
> it looks like 312 is the max. horizontal lines according to this page:
> http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~andreasg/c64/c64_vic_html.htm
> though 256 was all i could do! :P


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