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SubjectFujitsu FM Towns - if I had one Reply to this message
Posted bywindycitykid
Posted on07/10/02 03:46 AM

I'd pick the FM Towns by Fujistu, the first "32-bit" system or machine of any kind for gaming. It could run games extremely well, often aracde quality. It was kind of like "Japan's Amiga" but that could also be the Sharp's 16-bit X68000 (i'm trying to get an emu working for that) But back to the FM Towns, it came out in 1988 or 1989, had the first built in CD-ROM (at least in Japan) it was IBM/DOS compatable i think but had better video hardware than any IBM PC of the time (1024 sprites, 16m colors) FM Towns had alot of awesome games, even better than PC Engine, MegaDrive, SNES, Atari ST or even Amiga. And MUCH better than a regular PC, even though FM Towns used a 386, later 486. Fujitsu later made a console out of FM Towns(like Amiga CD32) in the form of the FM Towns Marty, it was released in 1991. Marty could play most of the FM Towns computer games, like CD32 could play Amiga and CDTV games. Some of the best games for FM Towns were supposed to be R-Type, AfterBurner, Scavanger 4, Splatter House, Tatsujin II (Truxton II) Turbo OutRun and an awesome conversion of Galaxy Force 2.

I wish I had an FM Towns!

I'd like these gaming computers in this order:

Fujitsu FM Towns
Sharp X68000
Commodore Amiga 1000/ 500/1200/3000/4000 etc.

> Just wonderering what everybodies favourite computer has been? It doesn't
> necessarily need to be one you had. I'll start... The Amiga 500.
> - Lion
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