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SubjectRe: MSX Reply to this message
Posted byusotsuki
Posted on09/10/02 03:20 PM

> Computer #1 - A Franklin Apple-II clone with a light-green-on-dark-green
> monochrome screen about 3 inches x 3 inches embedded in the case. I'm still
> investigating what the model number was - maybe it was a "hacked" clone as well
> (it came with some pirated Apple-II software)
> Computer #2 - TI-99/4A. Don't get me started talking about it, I won't shut up!
> First learned BASIC programming on this. :)
> Computer #3 - Laser 128/EX (or was it the 128/EX2?) - another Apple-II clone...
> So you can see where my parents' minds were... :)
> Note: I don't believe system ROMs for #1 or #3 have ever been "dumped"...
For the Franklin, boot basic DOS 3.3 and type:
copy the file to an 800K ProDOS disk on a IIgs and transfer it to a Mac. If it's a true-blue ][+ clone it should work. The Laser won't, it's a //c clone, 32K BIOS probably.

> Stiletto
> P.S. Oh, and "Parsec" and "Montezuma's Revenge" on the respective systems - I
> was SO addicted to them...

- The Usotsuki aka Dosius,
author of "Dapple", an Apple ][ emulator

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