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SubjectRe: name these three Apple II games... Reply to this message
Posted byKao_Pai
Posted on10/01/02 03:23 AM

Not sure about the first two, but the third is Star Blazer. Such a great game. I have the .dsk of it if you can't find it elsewhere.

> There are three of A2 games that I can't find anywhere. My memory of them is
> quite fuzzy so I'll try to do my best:
> 1 - the first one looks like a clone of Star Wars (I think it's called
> "something wars"). It basically has 4 or 5 "missions" to accomplish, all
> inspired from Star Wars.
> At the start of the game you can choose which "mission" to go to, and when you
> are done, something (the Death Star?) explodes and a little ship (Darth Vader?)
> escapes... (then everything restarts). One of the missions was to shoot at the
> legs of an AT-Walker. I don't remember the other ones...
> 2 - the second one was something with a couple of "space eyes". It looked like
> space invaders, except that the layout is left-right instead from top-down. I'm
> not sure but I think there were two fases to the game. The first is to get past
> a series of aliens to land on a planet. Then you have to do some stuff in the
> planet before coming back.
> The "space eyes" part comes that when you lose, there are a couple of eyes that
> appear in the screen, looking left and right, kind of like scorning your pitiful
> playing.
> 3 - and finally the third one is a shmup. There are 5 missions to accomplish,
> and you have a small fighter/bomber ship to do everything. As far as I recall
> there are no bosses, but you have fuel and must accomplish the objective before
> running dry. One of these objects was "Destroy the ICBM", and another was
> destroying a tank.
> The play scrolls from right to left.
> Uhm... I hope it's enough to remind what they are... it would be nice to play
> these again. :-)
> PS (since we are talking about A2): Has anybody succeeded in running a game
> called "Millionware"? It's a kind of wheel of fortune thing, but all disk images
> I have found reboot before the game starts. Maybe it's an emulator problem?
> CA public flashers group
> watch [CA oav 2]

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