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SubjectHeres an 'easy' Amiga based Name That Game Reply to this message
Posted byWyscuL
Posted on11/20/02 07:58 PM

Hi all ..

.. I am looking for an old amiga game that I played a few times at a friends house a LONG time ago :)

Its a shooter, very much an r-type clone along with the 'ball sheild o doom', blue bouncy lasers, ground hugging yellow lasers .. etc etc ..

.. but it was VERTICAL not horizontal.

Its level design is very similar to r-type but with different bosses.

If it helps, it was on a cracked 3 games on a floppy type thing .. dont know what the first game was, .. but the 3rd game was leatherneck? or something like that, (think it had leather in there somewhere)..

This third game was similar to ikari warriors, .. but you could only shoot vertically and strafe, but had coolish machine guns in it :)

I'm not really caring about the 3rd game, .. but thats what was on this compilation at the time ..

hope you can help me :)