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SubjectOld School Mac Jazz Reply to this message
Posted byCrint Daouwg
Posted on06/01/05 08:43 AM

Someone's gotta help me. I can't remember the name of this fantastic eighties game I played all the time on a Mac Classic. The gist of it was, you were a little bloke in a bunker in the bottom LH corner of the screen. The objective of the game was to throw grenades and wipe out the marauding hordes of soldiers and tanks who would advance unflinchingly upon your static position. Every so often you'd have to man an AA gun and shoot planes out of the sky, who would try and bomb you. It was el primitivo, you had one life, and it was dead hard and addictive. But I can't remember what the hell it was called! Any information would be most appreciated. Post a reply or email me at iridiumdirge@hotmail.com. Cheers!