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SubjectRe: List them here Reply to this message
Posted byHobbesAtPlay
Posted on02/27/02 09:26 PM

> Playin' with all my old amiga games thanks to UAE and amiga in a box. What are
> you favorite games of old? To me it was anything Psygnosis (lemmings, walker,
> SOTB, etc)and some other stuff like Knights of the Sky, Wings of Fury,
> Starglglider 2, Another World, Flashback, Sim City, some AD&D games(Death
> Knights of Krynn stands out), Defender of the Crown, Populous, and Star Control.
> There's prolly more but memory fails me. Damn I miss those days. Oh and
> Sinbad! How could I forget Sinbad =P
> Your mom reads this

Some others I've always liked that weren't on your list:

* Nebulus by Hewson (a.k.a. Tower Toppler from Epyx)
* Night Shift by LucasArts, and anything else from LucasArts for that matter, like Loom, Monkey Island I and II, Maniac Mansion...
* Gods by Bitmap Brothers, and anything else from Bitmap Brothers for that matter, like Magic Pockets (what exactly was he doing with his hand in his pocket?), Chaos Engine, SpeedBall I and II (Brutal Deluxe!)...
* Populous II by Bullfrog (OK, so Populous was on your list, but the Trials of the Olympian Gods let fry your enemy with lightning bolts and Rain of Fire--gotta love it!)

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