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SubjectRe: See for yourself (read) Reply to this message
Posted byMitaine
Posted on11/03/04 08:38 AM

> are you sure it's copy protection? does the cartrdige version have the rendered
> intro, I thought that was the Sega-Mega-CD version? Maybe your ROM is bad??

Well, let's see - I have the good, verified Puggsy (E) ROM.

Let me show you what happens :

Yes, the genesis has the rendered intro. Psygnosis were a bunch of crazy demo coders and the number of tricks this game contains blows the mind.

After some boring, tutorial-like levels where you can witness the physics engine which sucks just as much as today's, only in 2D...

You fight the parrot boss on a full-screen-rotated ship which gave every genesis owner a hard-on and a counter-example to shut up SNES / Mode7 fanboys in the schoolyard.

Take that, World Guardian #1 !

"MEANWHILE...", intermission - the raccoons steal your ship

Trying to enter the next level, here's what the game tells you - so YES, I'm pretty sure this is copy protection :D

How the hell did they do that ?? Was Genesis piracy a concern back in those days ? Shouldn't Gens be able to fool the detection mechanism ?? So many questions !

Well since you reminded me there are other versions, I'll check those out !

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