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SubjectLegal roms???? Reply to this message
Posted byElis_re
Posted on06/11/05 10:33 AM

just wanted to check if anyone knows if http://dsalfjsdlsdjfasldfjsadlfjsdalkfjsdaf
is legit and if not (which I strongly believe by looking at what mix of roms they provide) perhaps someone who cares enough can do something against it...

SubjectRe: Legal roms???? new Reply to this message
Posted bySoundedmedal
Posted on06/15/05 12:31 PM

SubjectNo new Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on06/15/05 01:44 PM

Just because you haven't been busted, it doesn't mean that you're acting within the law. At best, it's a grey area that hasn't been fully explored.

Your legal stuff** points to this** , which tells you that the use you are making of "your"* copies is illegal.

* I doubt you dumped all of those games yourselves.

** These links weren't garbage before the post was editted by a mod

Subjectyour site is a joke and you are wrong! new Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on06/15/05 01:54 PM

I love it when nitwits register an account here just to promote their crappy site. What the site is doing IS illegal, plain and simple, regardless of what you claim is legal about it. What you claim is legal and what the copyright laws say is legal are two differnt things there buddy boy. Do yourself a favor and actually READ the laws surrounding video game copyrights. You'll see just how WRONG you really are.

Than again, you probably know exactly what you are doing and simply don't care that you are ripping people off.


SubjectLINK POLICE!!!! new Reply to this message
Posted byBuveed
Posted on06/15/05 07:10 PM

Just kidding, dickhead.

Your site sucks.

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