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SubjectGAME EX help needed Reply to this message
Posted byjag609
Posted on06/25/05 01:18 AM

i have it set where game ex can see the emulators and games, but when i click on a game to play, it just takes me to the emulator instead of loading the game clicked. that makes the front end kind of useless. i have been trying to figure out what the hell to type given the info and example from clicking the question mark. several tries, but no luck. its the one that reads:

This is the Command Line used to launch the emulator and ROM. Specify the command you wish to run. The Directory and drive would previously been set to that specified in the Working Path. You can use any setting from this section by placing it in square brackets. Additionally you specifiy [ROM] the ROM Name without file extension Or [ROMFILE] for the Full ROM File Name with extension

Here are a few examples:
Command=..\vpinball.exe -[ROMFILE]

^^i cant figure this out. im guessing this command line is the key to getting the rom to load from the front end without manually doing it within the emulator. any help would be appreciated. thanx in advance.