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SubjectClose minded admins Reply to this message
Posted byConsoleclassix
Posted on07/20/05 10:28 AM

As some of you already know, I had an account banned and some posts deleted from these forums about a month ago. You guys threatened me, and my company. I wasn't upset about it, I just said go ahead and even tried to clear up false details that you guys were gonna send in. My point is that I was right and all you guys would do is revert back to what you think you know without really listening to what I have to say, or even asking me to elaborate. You know the funny thing is that when we first came out we tried to hook up with Retrogames and crosslink with them. They laughed at us and called us pirates. Then, we were featured on Slashdot. Shortly thereafter, we saw a newspost on Retrogames about us, now you guys are right back to laughing and namecalling. It's ok though, how did that turning us into the authorities go by the way? I predict that question will go unanswered. I also predict that this post will be deleted even though it is not spam or flame. It will be deleted because I THINK(im not sure mind you) that the admins of these forums are close minded and presume to know so much, that there is no way I could actually know what I'm talking about. So, if you are reading this, enjoy, because it probably won't be up long.

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