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SubjectJust go away - you're not wanted here -nt- Reply to this message
Posted byMarv
Posted on07/20/05 01:05 PM

> As some of you already know, I had an account banned and some posts deleted from
> these forums about a month ago. You guys threatened me, and my company. I wasn't
> upset about it, I just said go ahead and even tried to clear up false details
> that you guys were gonna send in. My point is that I was right and all you guys
> would do is revert back to what you think you know without really listening to
> what I have to say, or even asking me to elaborate. You know the funny thing is
> that when we first came out we tried to hook up with Retrogames and crosslink
> with them. They laughed at us and called us pirates. Then, we were featured on
> Slashdot. Shortly thereafter, we saw a newspost on Retrogames about us, now you
> guys are right back to laughing and namecalling. It's ok though, how did that
> turning us into the authorities go by the way? I predict that question will go
> unanswered. I also predict that this post will be deleted even though it is not
> spam or flame. It will be deleted because I THINK(im not sure mind you) that the
> admins of these forums are close minded and presume to know so much, that there
> is no way I could actually know what I'm talking about. So, if you are reading
> this, enjoy, because it probably won't be up long.

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