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Subjecti disagree with you completely Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on07/21/05 04:51 PM

> The reason I concerned myself with the people of these board is that the admins
> banned me for posting on that topic. I didn't spam and I was also "yelled" at
> for posting on a topic someone made about MY site. I "get my rocks off" by
> standing up for what I beleive in. I beleive in freedom of speech, and I also
> beleive that breaking the law is wrong. I don't like being accused of things I
> haven't done, and despite the advice of my superiors, I chose to keep posting in
> this forum. They said, "you'll never get through to them, don't waste time, get
> to work!" But as you can see, I did get through to you. And I'm glad. I'm upset
> by your childish remarks, I feel bad that I upset you. The only thing I ever
> wanted from you was a little respect, and maybe even honest feedback. I can see
> those don't come easy here. I would like to have pleasant and, dare I say,
> educational conversations with you guys. If this is not possible, then just let
> me know and I will gladly stop posting in your forums. Again I apologize for any
> ill feelings I may have caused.

You didn't "get through" to me. I don't agree with what you are doing, plain and simple. What you are doing is wrong. Just because something isn't illegal (or shall I say no legal action has been taken on it yet), that doesn't make it right. You are charging people to play games that you own. How is that a good thing? (Other than the obvious - making money) If that's your thing, go for it. If no legal action is being taken than obviously you can get away with it and you have gotten over on the law. Nice! I'm not going to debate the issue. If you are so confident about your work, place a poll on your website asking people if they agree with paying to play YOUR games is right or wrong. I believe that you will find more "wrong" than "right".

End of discussion from my end.


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