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SubjectpSX 1.4 has been released Reply to this message
Posted byFotoSynthesis
Posted on04/03/06 11:45 PM

pSX Author has now released a new version of his PlaySation emulator which adds alot of new features and options. Here is the complete change list:

* Added final icon and controller dialog graphcs from TheCloudOfSmoke
* Fixed bug where joystick device selection was not kept after restarting
* Implemented PPF patch support (command line only for now)
* Added option to disable bilinear filtering
* Added L3 and R3 buttons for dualshock controller
* Added reverse axis option for controller analog axes
* Option to disable controller rumble now works
* Second controller now works
* Fixed keys that did not work in controller config dialog (eg. cursors)
* Integrated CDZ converter into main program
* Added gamma, brightness and contrast controls (fullscreen only)
* Added quicksave/load functionality
* Fast forward now temporarily turns off vsync
* ASPI DLL is no longer required if using IOControl
* Fixed state save dialog (now uses save type instead of open)
* Fixed window painting when paused (or in modal dialogs)
* Removed log menu option in release version
* Editing code in debugger memory window works even when using recompiler
* Fixed some other debugger problems
* Implemented breakpoint editing
* Fixed save state loading bug

head over to the authors website;
check the forum for the new version if the mainpage still doesn't contain the newest pSX for download...version 1.4 by the way