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SubjectATILA Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on01/25/07 12:16 PM

Please read your email and start letting others have posting privileges!

SubjectI already tried that new Reply to this message
Posted bySnowball 2
Posted on02/17/07 10:01 PM

He's content with letting this site die. I sent him an email offering to actually revive this place but he's either ignoring them or it isn't being redirected to anything he reads anymore. I'm sure if you find the right place in IRC he might still be around but that's a guess. I remember it was a pain in the ass to get ahold of him when I got the job in CA 7 years ago. Christ, DeathKnight was supposed to take over CA like a year or two ago but since there's no goddam administration in this place anymore the change never took place.

The only time I see anything happen is when people move the fucking only active forum to the bottom of the listing. If that isn't choking this site to death then I don't know what is.


Subjecthmm new Reply to this message
Posted byBuveed
Posted on03/06/07 00:24 AM

i know he has a myspace, you might reach him on there.

But doing so would require you setting up your own myspace, thus subjecting yourself to eternal gaydom.

Even though I'm not big on emulation anymore, I'd really hate to see this site die. I think what pisses me off more is that he's handling it like a dickface. FFS, multiple people are actually volunteering to post news.


SubjectFacebook new Reply to this message
Posted bybluejaywpg
Posted on12/31/11 09:57 PM

I know this is almost 5 years ago but has anyone added him to Facebook & asked? Did anything happen as a result?

Hardware/Support Moderator

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