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SubjectGauntlet Seven Sorrows sucks ass Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on12/13/05 05:42 PM

I was looking forward to the new Gauntlet, with its online 4 player coop mode, but god does it suck. It feels nothing like the old Gauntlet games and has more in common with MK: Shaolin Monks in terms of gameplay.

My gripes:

-combat is now hand to hand based instead of projectile based. That is probably the biggest change in terms of feel. You still have a projectile attack, but it is so weak and underpowered, it is pretty much useless except for triggering switches at long range.

-combos. Yes, Dark Legacy had small combos for the melee attacks, but the combos are a main focus of this game. You even have a pop-up launcher attack (just like MK:SM) that allows you to JUGGLE enemies. Yes, you can now juggle in Gauntlet...

-magic system is gone. No longer do you pick up potions to use magic. Instead the magic system is more closely related to the turbo meter in the last couple games, where you can do a special attack or magic attack which depletes your mana meter. The meter will recharge on its own given time. Also gone is the ability to lob potions like grenades or use them to make shields.

-no item pickups. No 3 way shot, no supershot, no anything. The only pickups are food and armor upgrades(!) which are immediately used.

-chests don't require keys. This explains why keys are almost non-existant. The only time you pick up a key is to open a door, which requires a specific key and can't be just any key.

-level layout sucks. Gone are the wide open, branching maps. Everything is very close quarters and linear now. Levels are small also. I've noticed the annoying "invisible walls" that MK:SM had from time to time as well. Lots of scripted sequences that open/close appearant paths.

There are other things that bother me, but those are the biggies. The bottom line is this game just does not feel like Gauntlet at all. Its more like a generic 3rd person beat em up. I had such high hopes for this one... AVOID.

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