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SubjectFront Mission 5 U.S. release petition. Reply to this message
Posted byMIDI P-Chan
Posted on02/25/06 09:41 PM

Hey all,
If anyone reading this is a fan of Front Mission games, or just giant mechs and stat/rpg's in general, head over to

I started a petition there to encourage a U.S. release of FM5. While according to sources I've contacted it may just be delayed, Squeenix has it listed as JP only. This makes me a little nervous since Square and Enix both have been know to cut the U.S. out of the loop on some of their best games(i.e. Terranigma, Romancing Saga, Secret of Mana 3). Don't let FM5 join the ranks of these great games. If you are curious as to why I would go to such lengths to get this game released, check out the trailer for it at or read some previews/reviews of it.