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SubjectNike Air max for what kind of person to wear? Reply to this message
Posted byJonathanLevi
Posted on10/28/16 09:01 AM

Of course,nike air max 2016 for sale you want to accurately determine the foot shape,cheap nike air max shoes one is a professional running test system (RS sports running RS foot test details of the test), or experienced people to see when you run the posture of the situation.
Know your own arch,[url=] Nike Air Max 2012[/url] it should determine what to use their own shoes how to do? I recommend the following methods:
To determine their foot type, high arch or low foot arch bow. Then the high arch in the shoe store to consider the main shock type, but also try to stabilize the type, low arch of the main try to stabilize the type, cheap nike air max 90 men shoes but also to try to shock type. To see which is the most comfortable, choose which model. Remember, not to wear to go two steps, but put on running two laps! This is a big difference!
Again to explain what the difference between several specific shoes.
In fact,cheap Nike Free Run all running shoes are shock absorbers. So the so-called "shock" type of running shoes is not to say that he is more than the other "shock", but said that in addition to shock, he did not have more features. The stability and attitude correction type, in addition to shock outside, but also responsible for the bad running posture corrected into a good running posture,cheap Air Jordan Men shoes sale air jordan mens shoes for sale cheap[/url] make you more comfortable. So if you buy the wrong type, you may face the problem is their running posture is wrongly distorted, and more uncomfortable. Think like this: the best running posture is 0, everyone's running posture is -2 to 2 of a range. While the running shoes is to provide a addition and subtraction, so that your value closest to 0. If your attitude is 2, you should buy -2 running shoes. If you buy a +2 running shoes, your attitude will become more painful 4!
To determine the stability, shock, or posture correction, the last step into the shoes matrix.

3 equipment capacity
The amount of equipment is a collection of two concepts: your weight, your exercise intensity.
The greater the weight, exercise intensity, the greater the impact of running the greater. Weight represents the power of a single shock, and the intensity of exercise represents the extent to which this shock will continue. Running is almost equal to your knees beaten, each was playing multiple, was playing for how long ... ...
In general, cheap Air Jordan Womens good running shoes are designed to cope with a single 3KM or more, more than 3 times a week exercise intensity. So the most important thing is your weight. But almost a little running shoes is not necessarily, such as Decathlon own brand kalenji, low-end models clearly stated, only once a week to once a month, every 20 minutes the following running ... ...
Running shoes can generally be divided into two levels of equipment, lightweight, large class.
Using asics for example:
Stable: a large number of class is the famous king of running shoes KAYANO, lightweight shoe sales champion GT 2130.
Shock-type: a large number of class is NIMBUS, lightweight CULMBUS
There is a very important misunderstanding: a lot of expensive price a lot, lightweight much lower price, so a large number of lightweight than the high level? The money should buy a large number of top-level models?
not like this!
This means that if you do not have enough weight and you do not have enough running power, then the "top-end" elastomeric material designed to absorb large impact forces becomes too hard. Like a spring, if designed to withstand the pressure of 1 ton, you pressure up 100KG, the spring is not pressed down. For runners, the obvious feeling is: soles hard! In this case, the running shoe to absorb the energy is insufficient, and your knee will absorb more energy. [url=] Air Jordan 6[/url]
The most obvious is the MIZUNO, the flagship section of the shoes are not big people wear up is suffering.
So as far as possible according to their weight to choose the level of equipment, not just staring at the top models. Large equipment and light equipment, the magnitude of the boundaries of the order of magnitude is generally 75KG, if your weight immediately after this line, and run a great distance, or very small, it is best to choose according to their flexibility. 70KG every day to run 15KM, buy KAYANO right! If you 80KG, run 3KM every day, buy GT 2130 is also very good. If you 45KG, why buy KAYANO!
You should now be able to determine:
What their own road conditions, what kind of running shoes, what the amount of equipment.
Then this has been determined to buy what running shoes.
Third: Which should buy a specific?
Has been running shoes in the matrix to find their own position, in a number of more professional sports brand, according to the official running shoes matrix, which models can be bought to have been set.
What brand to buy? Which models are recommended?
For ordinary enthusiasts, is not recommended binary, do not recommend back to power, do not recommend more low-cost, etc. "domestic professional sports brand."
why? Very simple, Dorian, binary, back in the professional marathon, long-distance running training is indeed a certain status. But we are not professional athletes, you do not have that kind of body, nor that technology - if you have, but also look at me this post doing! Anger means!
These brands of protection shock technology is very simple, ergonomics, etc. is far worse.
Has been running for a lot of fans, not recommended Li Ning, AD, NIKE ... ... and so on brand names.